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Losi LOSF0020
Nitrotane 20% Nitro Fuel (Gallon)

Manufacturer: Losi (Website)
Part Number: LOSF0020
Found In:  Nitro Fuel
This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer and it is unlikely we will get more into stock.
» What They Say

Team Losi is proud to announce the release of Nitrotane premium blended fuel for sport vehicles. This first in a line of purpose-blended fuels has been developed specifically to meet the unique and challenging needs of the sport market. Team Losi has a revered heritage in the fuel business having produced the most popular racing fuel for a number of years prior to turning their attention exclusively to the manufacture of electric off-road cars. The new Nitrotane brand fuel has been developed by some of the most knowledgeable and successful nitro racers spanning over 4 decades. The key elements achieved include easy starting, clean running and superior protection and performance. With a complete oil formulation laboratory and unmatched testing facilities at their disposal, Team Losi has the unique ability to create a specific lubrication package as well as maintain the highest standards in quality control. Only the most advanced blending techniques and absolute highest grades of methyl alcohol, genuine US made nitromethane and hi-tech lubricants are used. Nitrotane uses both castor and synthetic oils as well as exclusive additives to provide performance and protection for all types of sport and ready-to-run engines while you learn the finer points of the sport. Synthetic lubricants provide excellent hi-penetration lubricity and clean crisp throttle response. Castor oil provides exceptional high temperature lubrication and over-lean protection. Exclusive power and anti foaming agents as well as corrosion inhibitors are used to provide stability and peak performance in extreme nitro environments. Team Losi goes the extra step in every aspect, as even the container is special. Unlike most fuels, Nitrotane comes in a UN approved steel can to prevent leakage, photosensitive degradation and contamination. This means each tank of fuel will yield consistent and reliable power while burning clean and offering the highest level of protection and performance. Look for genuine Team Losi Nitrotane fuel at hobby shops and racetracks this summer.

  • Uses both castor and synthetic oils, as well as exclusive performance enhancing additives
  • Made from the absolute highest grades of methyl alcohol, genuine American nitromethane and high-tech lubricants
  • Developed by some of the world's most successful nitro racers of the last 40 years
  • Yields consistent, reliable power
  • Burns clean
  • Comes in U.N approved steel can to prevent leakage, degradation and contamination
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