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Traxxas M5030
Top Fuel Power Plus 33% Nitro (Quart)

Manufacturer: Traxxas (Website)
Part Number: M5030
Found In:  Nitro Fuel
This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer and it is unlikely we will get more into stock.
» What They Say

When it comes to your prized engine, you don't want to take chances with your fuel. Using the wrong fuel can cause hard starting, poor performance, and excessive engine wear. Some fuels can actually destroy engines, filling them full of deposits and corrosion. Years ago we saw the need for a dependable quality fuel that both we and our customers could count on for power, consistency, and reliability. Over a thousand hours of dyno testing and real-world running was invested to develop the formula for Top Fuel Power Plus. Today that formula has been proven in hundreds of thousands of engines to provide incredible performance and excellent engine life. You can trust Top Fuel Power Plus in your engine. Top Fuel Power Plus has been quality-blended to protect our engines and our reputation. Only Traxxas fuel is 100% certified for use in Traxxas engines. Don't take a chance with anything else.

  • Delivers more punch and acceleration
  • 10% more nitro content than 30% racing blends
  • Synthetic and natural lubricants for excellent protection
  • Easy tuning and cooler running
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