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Protoform 1524-30
P37N Regular Weight Clear 200mm Touring Car Body

Manufacturer: Protoform (Website)
Part Number: 1524-30
Found In:  200mm Touring Bodies
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For the last 6 years the PROTOform Stratus 3.1 has been one of the most popular and successful 200mm gas-sedan bodies. It's still used even today in race winning performances by many top ranked pro drivers. Today, PROTOform is proud to release the P37-N (nitro) 200mm Gas Sedan body to continue that legacy. This P37-N body uses some of the time tested and proven design features of the 3.1 but include many evolutionary improvements to aid down force and steering capabilities. The wing struts are enlarged and oversized nylon wing hardware is now included with the body. The body conforms to all the ERFA "Global Body Spec" criteria. It comes with protective coating, decals and window masks. It's available in "Lite" and PRO-Lite" weights.

What's included

Clear P37-N Body(1 pc)

Window Mask

Wing mounting hardware

Decal sheet (1 pc)

Body Specs

Length: 16.5" (419mm)

Width: 7.9" (200mm)

Height: 4.4" (112mm)

Wheel Base: 10.2" (259mm)

  • Made from extremely durable .030 Lexan material
  • Conforms to all the Global Body Spec criteria
  • Enlarged wing struts with Nylon hardware
  • Paint-then-Peel protective film
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