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E-Flite EFLRS75
7.5-Gram Sub-Micro S75 Servo

Manufacturer: E-Flite (Website)
Part Number: EFLRS75
Found In:  Micro and Mini Servos, Blade CP, Blade CP Pro, E-Flite 260 3D 480, Pro Boat Retrieval Decoy, E-Flite P-47D Thunderbolt 400, E-Flite BAe Hawk 15 DF, E-Flite Ascent EP Park Glider, E-Flite Sobre 3D Profile, E-Flite Tribute 3D Profile, E-Flite Ultimate 3D Profile, E-Flite Mini Funtana 3D EP, E-Flite Tensor 4D, E-Flite Yak 54F 3D, E-Flite Tribute FX 3D, E-Flite Ultimate FX 3D, E-Flite Cessna 182 370, E-Flite Mini Edge 3D, E-Flite Mini Ultra Stick, E-Flite Brio 10, E-Flite Extra 260 3D Profile, E-Flite Byp Yak 3D, E-Flite Cap 232 BP, E-Flite Mini ShowTime 4D, E-Flite Edge 540 BP 3D, E-Flite Taylorcraft 450, E-Flite PT-19 450, E-Flite RV-9 450, E-Flite Alpha 450 Sport, E-Flite Sukhoi SU-26m 480, E-Flite P-51B Mustang 32e, E-Flite P-38/F-5E Lightning 400, E-Flite Hawker Sea Fury 400, E-Flite Super Airliner DF, E-Flite F-15 Eagle DF
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» What They Say

The S75 is housed in an attractive transparent gray case and features a universal connector compatible with all major brand receivers. The S75 offers superior speed, torque, and precision for its class, and includes complete mounting hardware and an assortment of servo arms, including an extra-long 3D arm. In addition to using in electric aircraft such as the Mini Funtana (EFL2075), Mini Edge (EFL2225) and Yak-54F (EFL2125), the S75 is also perfect for applications including micro helicopters like the Blade CP (EFLH1100) and Blade CP Pro (EFLH1300), and 1/18 scale on-road and off-road cars and trucks like the Losi Mini-T (LOSB0200).

  • Universal connector
  • Includes complete mounting hardware
  • Includes an extra-long 3D servo arm
  • 17.2 oz-in (1.17 kg-cm) of torque @ 4.8V
  • .12 sec/60 deg speed @ 4.8V
  • Weighs just .26 oz (7.5 g) with servo arm and servo lead
  • Size Category: Minis and Micros
  • Type: Analog
  • Torque: 17.2 oz-in (1.17 kg-cm) @ 4.8V
  • Speed: .12 sec/60 degrees @ 4.8V
  • Length: 0.90 in (23mm)
  • Width: 0.45 in (12mm)
  • Height: 0.94 in (24mm)
  • Weight: 0.26 oz (7.5g)
  • Bushing Or Bearing: Bushing
  • Motor Type: Coreless
  • Connector Type: Universal
  • Gear Type: Nylon
  • Application: Electric slow flyer to park flyer 3D airplanes, micro to mini electric helicopters and 1/18-scale on-road and off-road vehicles
  • Voltage: 4.8-5.3V DC
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