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AMBrc Personal Transponder

Manufacturer: AMB (Website)
Part Number: AMBRC DP
Found In:  Radio Modules and Addons
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» What They Say
Worldwide Standard for RC Racing<br /> From the pro ranks of RC to the local club, thousands of RC organizations continue to rely on AMB for their race results. The AMBrc race timing and scoring system is the latest offering from AMB, and was developed specifically for RC. It provides clubs and organizations with accurate race results with minimal effort, all at an affordable price. Not only does the timing system eliminate arguments over inaccurate hand-scored results, but it also provides racers with valuable race data including individual laptimes, lap charts and more. The system is simple to set up and operate, requiring only one or two volunteers to manage the scoring for the entire club. Nobody wants to wait hours for their results, which is why final race results are ready for print or for posting to immediately following the race.<br /> <br /> The AMBrc system has been so successful because of the AMBrc Personal Transponder, known simply as the PT. More than 30,000 RC racers have their own PT installed in their cars, boats and buggies. It significantly reduces the handling of loaner transponders in between heats, allowing you to run your races faster and smoother.
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