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Airtronics 90270TXRX75
M11 FM 75MHz Radio System with Module and Receiver

Manufacturer: Airtronics (Website)
Part Number: 90270TXRX75
Found In:  AM/FM Transmitters and Systems
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Additional Product Note(s):<br /> Does not include servos.<br /> <br /> Extended Product Information:<br /> The M11 is a selectable 2 or 4 channel FM computer radio system. A new Anti-Lock braking system that incorporates independent front and rear braking servos. Not only does the M11 have many new programming features, the transmitter case is adjustable as well. You can change the M11 from right to left handed operation, two driving positions (high or low), steering and throttle spring tension adjustment and digital trim angle adjustment.<br /> <br /> Everything about the new M11 is fast, fast response time, fast adjustments and fast programming. Using the short cut keys, you can scroll thought the M11 3 function pages fast and easy so you can get your car or truck on the track fast.<br /> <br /> One of the many new features included in the new M11 is the ability to assign up to 3 features in one switch and being able to see which features are on or off. 30 model memory, 12 char model naming and 12 char user naming with 2 selectable back light colors. White or blue. 2 C-Mix's, multiple screen graphics, 3 function programming pages, new EXPO feature called TWEAK that will let you fine tune your expo settings, Servo Monitor and much more.<br /> <br /> Programming Features:<br /> Dual Rate Steering<br /> End Point Adjustment<br /> Expo with Tweak<br /> ARC<br /> Speed ALB Braking<br /> Traction Control<br /> 30 Model Memory<br /> Sub Trim<br /> Timers<br /> Servo Reversing<br /> Start Position<br /> Throttle Hold<br /> Brake Mixing<br /> Servo Monitor<br /> Screen Setup<br /> Selectable Audio Tones<br /> Vibration Alarm<br /> Switch Assignment<br /> Trim Assignment<br /> User Naming
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