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Team Losi LOSA9687
Aluminum .195" (+.030") Wheel Hexes (2 pcs)

Manufacturer: Team Losi (Website)
Part Number: LOSA9687
Found In:  Losi XXX-S, Losi JRX-S, Universal Touring Parts
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Team Losi now offers another key tuning aid for your JRX-S or TC3/4 sedan. The new Aluminum Offset Wheel Hexes allow you to vary the track width and offset of the wheels very easily and with complete confidence. They also allow you to use wheels with different offsets while maintaining a given tread width. The LOSA9686 are exact replacements for the stock hexes as used in the Team Losi JRX-S. The LOSA9687 Hexes feature an additional .030" of positive offset while the LOSA9688 hexes have .060" more offset and are the same dimension as the stock Associated TC3/4 hexes. All of these are machined from premium aluminum alloy then anodized for additional wear resistance. The design features a small shoulder to prevent the hex from rubbing on the bearing as well as a split and cap screw that clamps the hex in position making tire changes much easier. Each set includes a pair of hexes, axle pins, and the clamping screws.

  • Machined from premium aluminum alloy
  • Anodized for additional wear resistance
  • Small shoulder prevents hex from rubbing on the bearing
  • Split and cap screw clamps hex in position
Aluminum .195" (+.030") Wheel Hexes (2 pcs) Featured Photo
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