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EPIC Motorsports EP1111
ROAR Spec Stock Motor

Manufacturer: EPIC Motorsports (Website)
Part Number: EP1111
Found In:  Stock Motors
Out of Stock
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» What They Say
Featuring:<br /> <br /> * 27 turns<br /> * 22 AWG wire<br /> * Split stepped rotor design for more power<br /> * 24 degree locked timing<br /> * Super strong FB-9 dual magnets<br /> * Diamond trued commutator<br /> * Pure copper endbell hardware for less resistence<br /> * 3 hard wired surface mount capacitors installed<br /> * Reduced surface bushings for less drag<br /> * Built to meet all ROAR &amp; ARCOR specs for stock motors<br /> * Completely rebuildable<br /> <br /> <br /> INCLUDES:<br /> <br /> * One Epic 27T ROAR Spec stock motor.<br /> <br /> <br /> SPECS:<br /> <br /> * 540/05 length with a standard 1/8&quot; shaft<br /> <br /> <br /> COMMENTS:<br /> <br /> For Brushes EPXC1204 (EP1202NT), CrossCut High Power Brush (Touring/Off-Road) EPXC1205 (EP1203NT), CrossCut High Silver Pro Brush (On-road,Oval) EPXC1206 (EP1204NT), Enduro Brush Long Wear (Street racing). For Springs EPXC1250 (EP1250), Hi-Rev Spring Set (Red+,Green-) EPXC1251 (EP1251), Hi-Torque Spring Set (Purple-, Red-).
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