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Aerial Mob 640100
Full Kit - Plastics, Hardware, Booms

Manufacturer: Aerial Mob (Website)
Part Number: 640100
Found In:  Aerial Mob
Out of Stock
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» What They Say
The AerialMob upgrade for TBS DISCOVERY (PRO) and DJI FlameWheel F450 / F550. Extends the arms to allow up to 15" propellers. The length is customizable by cutting the carbon fiber tube to length. <br /> <br /> Arm mounts are v2.5, Booms are new as of 9/20/2015, motor/arm mounts have alignment pegs for the pre-drilled holes in the booms.<br /> <br /> DJI Flamewheel F450 and F550 owners will appreciate the added clearance. Turn your F550 platform into a heavylift Hexa that rivals the S800 in performance. F450 pilots get crazy performance or higher endurance from bigger props and more powerful motors.<br /> <br /> TBS DISCOVERY owners will enjoy the ability to go symmetric with their favorite airframe, or add larger props and higher cell motors to get the endurance / long range juices going. Also great for higher speed setups. It will generally turn your TBS DISCOVERY into a matured aerial filming or aerial surveillance platform. Flights of up to 30mins are within reach. <br /> <br /> (Text/description from Team Black Sheep -
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