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Jaco JAC2742
1/12 Mounted and Trued Black Prism Foam Front Tires (2)

Manufacturer: Jaco (Website)
Part Number: JAC2742
Found In:  1/12 Scale Foam On-Road
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» What They Say
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Jaco 1/12 Mounted and Trued Prism Foam Tires</span><br /> <br /> A new era in 1/12 scale wheel design pre trued to a race ready size.<br /> <br /> The front wheel now features a larger race legal diameter and a flanged bearings for higher corner speed, while the all new Prism rear wheel features a new larger size and a 3-mm offset. This allows the hubs to mount closer to the center line of the wheel which helps the wheel run true. The new features will allow for the expansion of the rear pod to allow more room/easier access for brushless motors.<br /> The best part is that less rubber on the wheel means lower retail price to consumers.
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