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Xray 309840
Precision Balancing Chassis Weights (4)

Manufacturer: Xray (Website)
Part Number: 309840
Found In:  Xray T1 Series, Xray Mini T1, Xray T2, Xray T2'007, Xray T2'008, Xray NT1, Xray T2R Pro, Xray T2'009, Xray T2R, Xray NT1 2009, Xray T3, Xray NT1R, Xray NT1 2010, Xray T3R, Xray NT1 Worlds Edition, Xray T3 2011, Xray RX8, Xray T3 2012, Xray NT1 2011, Xray RX8 2012, Xray RX8 2013, Xray NT1 2013, Xray NT1 Pro 2012, Xray NT1 2012, Xray T4 2014, Xray T4 2013, Xray RX8 2014, Xray NT1 2014, Xray T4 2015, Xray T4 2016, Xray RX8 2016, Xray NT1 2016, Xray NT1 2015, Xray T4 2017, Xray RX8 2017, Xray NT1 2017
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» What They Say
A complete set of 4 chassis balancing weights (2x 5g + 2x 10g) and mounting hardware. Designed for XRAY electric &amp; nitro touring car to be mounted at pre-drilled chassis holes; also fits other race cars as well. Made from steel and laser engraved with the weight value for easy identification.<br /> <br /> For precision balancing, use the #107880 HUDY Chassis Balancing Tool. Place the chassis (using the two holes drilled along the centerline of the chassis) onto the tips of the balancing tool. If the chassis falls to one side, it is not balanced, and weight needs to be added to the other side. Add balancing weights to the chassis as required until the chassis stays level when placed on the chassis balancing tool.<br /> <br /> When possible, weights should be mounted to the pre-drilled chassis holes.<br /> <br /> <br /> The set consists of:<br /> <br /> 5g weights (2pcs)<br /> 10g weights (2pcs)<br /> <br /> Besides looking great, these weights can be stacked atop each other in order to achieve the proper chassis balance.
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