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Orion ORI29066
Hara Edition Revolution Motor (12T Single)

Manufacturer: Orion (Website)
Part Number: ORI29066
Found In:  Modified Motors
This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer and it is unlikely we will get more into stock.
» What They Say
REVOLUTION HARA MOTORS 12X1HS<br /> <br /> Man#: ORI29066<br /> <br /> Team Orion's Revolution modified motors advance brush and endbell design to a new level. This completely new and revolutionary V2 technology is already taking the racing world by storm by setting new standards in power output, efficiency and longevity. Even though some concepts are revised versions of existing designs, many have never before been incorporated into R/C electric motors. This is evident in the fact that the Revolution has earned patent pending for 7 innovations but all in one patent!<br /> <br /> Team Orion's V2 based Revolution hand wound modified motor incorporates several innovative features that create a performance advantage over conventional modified motors.<br /> <br /> 1) Angled (V) brush orientation Reduced brush bounce increases brush and communicator life while extra contact area increases brush efficiency.<br /> <br /> 2) Round brushes More precise brush guidance and smoother brush overlap result in less arcing, which increases performance and reduces the likelihood of radio interference.<br /> <br /> 3) Precision CNC aluminium endbell assembly Additional cooling increases brush and magnet life. Pure copper round brush guidance lubes offer ultra low resistance, precision fit, and due to their close proximity to the communicator, increase brush stability.<br /> <br /> 4) Direct Soldering Brush shunts and ESC wires are soldered together to the pure copper brush lubes, dramatically reducing resistance.<br /> <br /> 5) Airflow cooling Lower brush and motor temperature reduce resistance, which increases power.<br /> <br /> 6) Inboard capacitor system with LED system Three integrated capacitors with a red LED as a rotation and contact guide.<br /> <br /> 7) Intelligent anti Vibration spring system Springs made from inox steel (ultra heat resistance = consistent tension, hot or cool), are formed in an unequal length conical coil to prevent vibration.<br /> <br /> 8) Zero vibration ball bearing system The endbell ball bearing is mounted between o-rings to prevent ball bearing induced vibrations from reaching the communicator resulting in reduced brush bounce.<br /> <br /> 9) Swiss precision The V2 endbell system is designed, developed, and produced in Switzerland.<br /> <br /> 10) Long life and power brushes available Currently two brush compounds are available to suit many track conditions. Additional compounds and brush styles are already in development.<br /> <br /> 11) Developed and race tested by champions World class racers Atsushi Hara, Jukka Steenari, Jilles Groskamp, Oscar Jansen, and Gregg Hodapp have been inst
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