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Orion 29064
Hara Edition Revolution Motor (10T Single)

Manufacturer: Orion (Website)
Part Number: 29064
Found In:  Modified Motors
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» What They Say
Description:<br /> <br /> Team Orion's Revolution modified motors advance brush and endbell design to a new level. This completely new and revolutionary V2 technology is already taking the racing world by storm by setting new standards in power output, efficiency and longevity. Even though some concepts are revised versions of existing designs, many have never before been incorporated into R/C electric motors. This is evident in the fact that the Revolution has earned patent pending for 7 innovations but all in one patent!<br /> <br /> Features:<br /> <br /> # Motor Limit : 10 Turns<br /> # Single Coils<br /> <br /> Other Features:<br /> <br /> Angled (V) brush orientation reduces brush bounce, resulting in increased brush and commutator life while extra contact area increases brush efficiency. This angle spreads the load between the motor spring and the brush guidance tube. Therefore spring tension can be reduced resulting in less friction, higher RPM, and increased efficiency.<br /> <br /> Cylindrical brushes allow smoother brush overlap resulting in less arcing, which increases performance and reduces the likelihood of radio interference. Commutators develop fewer scars increasing the interval between commutator service and brush changes. Competition brushes last up to 12 times longer!<br /> <br /> Precision CNC aluminium endbell provides additional cooling which extends the life of the motor's components. By lowering brush and spring temperatures, performance and consistency are maximized. Unlike plastic moulds that will wear out over time, CNC machining consistently produces the precision required in a hand wound modified motor. Round pure copper brush control tubes offer ultra low resistance, precision fit, and due to their close proximity to the commutator, increase brush stability.<br /> <br /> Direct soldering reduces resistance resulting in more power and longer run times. Brush shunts and ESC wires are both soldered directly to the pure copper brush tubes creating a direct connection between your motor and electronics.<br /> <br /> Airflow cooling lowers operating temperatures. Strategically placed vents work in conjunction with the Ultra Flow motor can to circulate air through the motor. Lower motor temperatures reduce resistance, which increases power.<br /> <br /> Inboard capacitor system with LED reduces the possibility of radio interference. A small circuit board containing three integrated capacitors is installed inside the endbell for extra protection. A small LED is also incorporated into the design to verify proper capacitor operation, indicate correct motor rotation, and help view the commutator conditions as the motor is running. It also looks extremely trick!<br /> <br /> Intelligent anti-vibration spring system created with springs made of Inox steel formed in an unequal length coil to prevent vibration. The use of Inox, the most heat resistant steel, means consistent spring tension, hot or cold. Available in four different tensions, fine-tuning is easy to achieve.<br /> <br /> Zero vibration ball bearing system prevents vibrations from reaching the commutator. By mounting the endbell ball bearing between o-rings, ball bearing induced vibrations are prevented. The result is the elimination of power robbing brush bounce.<br /> <br /> Swiss precision is recognized worldwide. The V2 endbell system is designed, developed, and produced in Switzerland.<br /> <br /> Long life and power brushes available to suit any application. Two serrated face brush compounds are currently available with additional compounds and styles already in development.<br /> <br /> Developed and race tested by champions at the world's most prestigious events. World-class racers like Atsushi Hara, Jukka Steenari, Jilles Groskamp, Greg Hodapp, Rick Hohwart and Brian Dunbar have been instrumental in the development and testing of the V2 based Revolution.<br /> <br /> Meets IFMAR, JMRCA, EFRA, BRCA, and ROAR specifications - suitable for use worldwide
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