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Schumacher K047
Mi2 Carbon Pro Sedan Kit

Manufacturer: Schumacher (Website)
Part Number: K047
Found In:  Electric On-Road Kits, Schumacher Mi2
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» What They Say
Schumacher's legendary engineering team have taken another leap forward with electric touring car design. Drawing from the experience of years of racing success, all over the world, with the SST and Mission ranges, the NEW Mi2 sets new standards of performance and handling. With all new suspension, chassis, top deck and transmission the Mi2 raises the bar for the 2004 season. Join the team of Teemu Leino, Jonas Andersson, Niels Koenekoop, Chris Ashton, Steve Pole and Paul Wynn who have all chosen to drive the Schumacher Mi2, probably the most advanced touring car ever.<br /> <br /> Mi2 Specification:<br /> <br /> Power Source: ELECTRIC<br /> Model Type: 4WD, ON-ROAD, COMPETITION<br /> Length: 259mm<br /> Width: 190mm<br /> <br /> Top Speed: 40 MPH<br /> Build State: KIT<br /> <br /> Features:<br /> <br /> * All new 'C' hub suspension system - Improved handling and adjustability to suit any track conditions.<br /> * Balanced weight distribution chassis with fully adjustable battery position tray - Total tuneability.<br /> * MIP CVD axles with lightweight polymer driveshafts - Ultra low rotating mass.<br /> * 'Air-Flo' purple alloy motor mount as standard - Ultimate motor cooling.<br /> * Purple alloy layshaft mounts and diff mounts as standard offers consistent handling &amp; precise transmission alignment.<br /> * Improved limited slip ball differentials, with tungsten carbide balls as standard - Long life &amp; a super smooth action.<br /> * Twin Kevlar reinforced belt transmission with lower, adjustable tension high efficiency belts and power rollers to prevent belt skipping.<br /> * 28 Piece ball bearing set - Ultra low rolling resistance, includes ballraced steering.<br /> * Low C of G fully adjustable body mounting system.<br /> * Choice of internal ratio (1.8:1 or 2.1:1) This unique feature allows your gear ratio to be optimised to your motor wind, for both technical and fast open circuits.<br /> * Purple alloy threaded shocks absorbers - Simple tuning of ride height.<br /> * Lightweight alloy differential outputs and 'blade' driveshafts, low rotating mass for fast acceleration.<br /> * New improved differential and layshaft pulleys to minimize belt loading without the belt jumping, maximizes belt efficiency.<br /> * New front and rear, coloured anti-roll (sway) bars included.<br /> * Lightweight foam bumper - Weight saving protection.<br /> * Variable wheelbase - Ultimate tuning.<br /> * Lightweight 'Rev-Lite' 24mm dish wheels.<br /> * Full 'Speed Secrets' available. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> Equipment Needed<br /> <br /> * Motor<br /> * 7.2V Battery (Stick or saddle)<br /> * Charger<br /> * Electronic Speed Controller<br /> * 2 Channel Radio Control
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