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Corally 00067
SP12X US Spec World Champion

Manufacturer: Corally (Website)
Part Number: 00067
Found In:  Electric On-Road Kits
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» What They Say
<span style="font-weight: bold;">SP12X US Spec World Champion</span><br /> <br /> The SP12X is the result of Team Corally's unbeaten 1/12th scale racing experience. Before the release there has been a long and extensive period of development and on-track testing by multiple European, US and World Championship winning team drivers.<br /> <br /> The SP12X uses the World's best materials and production methods to be the ultimate high performance race car which combines super low weight with high rigidity and durable on-track performance. After winning the 1994 Worlds with the legendary Corally SP12G2, it was the SP12X 'US Spec' that led David Spashett to his 2006 WORLD CHAMPION title! <br /> <br /> <span style="font-weight: bold;">Features:</span><br /> <br /> ● The SP12X comes fully equipped with super strong, lightweight Titanium screws.<br /> ● Ceramic diff and thrust balls are used to provide super smooth diff action.<br /> ● The precision Ceramic front and rear wheel bearings offer long lasting ultra low rolling resistance and efficiency.<br /> ● Super lightweight and user friendly aluminium inserts are used to replace normal nuts throughout the kit. These inserts are pressed into the graphite parts providing a super rigid, tweak-free construction. Working on your car has never been this efficient ever before!<br /> ● Unique one-piece graphite rear axle.<br /> ● The SP12X uses super high grade graphite chassis components with revolutionary pre-shaped battery slots. The chassis comes readily prepared to allow the option of mounting a standard US type front end.<br /> ● 2.0 mm GRP t-bar.<br /> ● Penta Dampening System using two rear tube-dampers, VCS microshock and two O-ring front dampers.<br /> ● New 3.5 turn front springs are installed (1.5 mm spring steel).<br /> ● Lowered and adjustable front and rear roll centres.<br /> ● Duraluminium front wishbones and servo mounts.<br /> ● Super rigid duraluminium motorpod using unique tube design.<br /> ● Front &amp; rear adjustable ride height.<br /> ● Ballraced steering blocks with adjustable Ackerman.<br /> ● Threaded body posts for precise body height adjustment.<br /> ● The SP12X comes partially assembled.<br /> <br /> <span style="font-weight: bold;">00067 Specific Features:</span><br /> <br /> ● Universal 'US Standard' wheel system using lightweight duraluminium rear wheel hubs.<br /> ● Extra stiff chassis with minimum cut-outs (2.4 mm graphite).<br /> ● No wheels and tires included.<br /> ● Weight : 194 gram (excluding bodyshell, electronics, wheels and tires).<br /> ● Rear Width : 170 mm.<br /> ● Front Width : 168 mm.
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