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BMI Racing DB12R
DB12R On-Road 1/12 Scale Kit

Manufacturer: BMI Racing
Part Number: DB12R
Found In:  Electric On-Road Kits
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» What They Say
BMI Racing brings you the innovative and race winning DB12R. <br /> <br /> it is a completely new style of rear suspension that i developed to act as a mix between a link and a T bar car. i have always felt that both had there advantages but neither were perfect. T bar cars are known for there abundance of steering and for carrying alot of cornerspeed but always have had a problem on bumpy tracks and link cars are more smoothe but lack some of the corner speed and steering that a T bar car has but excels on a bumpy track and also in high bite situations. what we did is developed a system that uses a 3 ball pivot system with flextures for side spring tension instead of the use of coil springs.we did this to gain the progressive side spring tension of a T bar car with the isolated for and aft spring tension of a link car. this has allowed us to achieve the possitive characteristics of both proven styles of rear suspension systems plus it has gained its own unique advantages.<br /> <br /> The biggest advantage we have found is that the car rolls very differently than anything i have seen. it rolls almost like it is like a swiss watch,it reacts exactly the same to the same spot on the track each time.i know this sounds funny but but usually with 1/12th cars if you hit a corner multiple times with any fluctuation of speed going in,the car acts drasticlly doesnt feel like much but it really does effect your driving and consistancy when you feel like the car acted funny when you went in the corner too fast or too more or less makes you have to concentrate on making sure you dont miss a line.this car drives as hard as you drive does not act differently at higher or lower speeds. it tones down if you are not going as fast into the corner instead of getting to be a handfull if you miss a line.this really helps for when you get into traffic. another high point is that it doesnt tweak.the rear end is very difficult to break or tweak.due to the way it is designed,there is no room for slip in the rear end to create tweak.<br /> <br /> the central pivot is all one piece and is securely located. the 2 flex plates are solid mounted at there front position and then a pivot ball and capture are connected at there opposite end.these threaded pivot balls are then mounted to the rear pod to allow a free pivoting action between all three inline pivot assemblies. now if you picture the rear end,you can see for the rear end to tweak or break,it will need to break both flex plates being that if you take a hit on 1 side of the car,you need to pull 1 side to break one and compress the other one to break that to have any chance to tweaking or ending your run.if any of you are familiar with the popsicle stick bridge,you will understand how much force it will take to do this. another nice feature is that the flex plates do not fatigue like T bars do due to the fact that they are not under nearly as much load.the load on the flex plates is absorbed by 3 different points and distributed evenly to avoid fatigue and breakage.
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