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Corally 01618
RDX Phi Euro-Spec Electric Touring Kit with Updated 2008 Diffs and Free Brushless Motor

Manufacturer: Corally (Website)
Part Number: 01618
Found In:  Electric On-Road Kits
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» What We Say
Kit includes a free Corally X-BP Series 13.5 brushless motor (#395135).
» What They Say
RDX PHI High Performance 1:10 Electric Touring Car<br /> <br /> <br /> Team Corally is the manufacturer of World Championship winning r/c racing cars. The lastest proof lies in the hands of David Spashett who, after winning the 1994 Worlds for Team Corally, rejoined Corally in 2006 to take home the 2006 EORLD CHAMPION title. Now, based on the famous and proven RDX it is the RDX PHI that takes Reserch and Development to the next level. Team Corally engineers and factory drivers have combined scientific engineering and unbeaten race experience to produce the ultimate high performance race car. The RDX PHI offers an amazing pit experience which is topped by the super fast and precise (dis) assembly and setting of the roll centre couplers and defferentials. The World's best materials and production methods are used to combine super low weight with high rigidity and durable on-track performance.<br /> <br /> <br /> Features:<br /> <br /> -Lightweight chassis components (2.4mm graphite)<br /> -Rear differential/front 1-way<br /> -Standard shock towers<br /> -Standard black shock springs<br /> -3&deg; Camber blocks<br /> -Front And Rear Width: 190mm<br /> <br /> <br /> RDX PHI-Tures<br /> <br /> <br /> -Lowest COG on the market<br /> -Narrowest chassis on the market <br /> -Equal length left and right rear bulkheads <br /> -Easy accessible diffs <br /> -Optimised weight distribution with equal weight on all 4 wheels <br /> -Easy adjustment and replacement of roll centre couplers <br /> -Improved steering geometry <br /> -Lower overall weight <br /> -Improved diff, spool and 1-way pulleys <br /> <br /> -Replaceable centre pulleys are used on the duraluminium spur gear adapter. <br /> -All pulleys are optionally available in several sizes for optimised internal ratio on long and short tracks with either brushed or brushless motors. <br /> -Adjustable wheelbase settings: standard 264 mm RDX wheelbase or short 256 mm wheelbase without sacrificing the driveshaft alignment. Fine wheelbase tuning by hingepin spacers. <br /> -New wishbone design <br /> -Pre-shaped battery slots <br /> -Improved swaybar mounting system <br /> <br /> -Hard anodised duraluminium pivot balls <br /> -And most importantly&hellip; all parts and suspension are optimised by phi 'golden ratio' geometries throughout the design.
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